O&A Everyday – “Working from Florida”

Hello!!! Kaipher and I have spent the past 3 weeks with our family in Florida. It has been such a wonderful time to catch up with everyone here, and not have to worry about a long, exhausting flight back to Japan. Knowing that our departure consists of only a 4 hour drive has made our stay much more relaxing and flexible. Below are some pictures from our time at my childhood home.
Kaipher and I spent a day with our friends that live downtown Pensacola in “The Fisher House”. It was built sometime before 1901, then moved away from the shore of the beach in 1906. It has 6 coal fireplaces, a ginormous butler’s pantry, a magical attic with a mapping station to watch incoming ships, and just an overall epically beautiful set up! It survived years of tropical storms and hurricanes. In 2004 it sustained severe damage from Hurricane Ivan and underwent major renovations in June 2014. The interior is gorgeous, and I will photograph it soon. At the time I was busy watching some very active young lads play outside.
I absolutely LOVED getting to see my sweet niece and nephews after 4 long years of not visiting home.

Somehow I found some time for work during my visit and I updated my etsy shop. With my bevy of baby sitters down here, I think anything might be possible! You can now find 4 new Oslo and Alfred art prints in my etsy shop!
We All Scream 4
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Credits ~ Photography by: Taren S. Black & Triana Ernde