A Look Back – “January Jiblets & February Frolics”

This “look back” is just a glimpse of what January and February 2015 held for us as a family, and our little business.
Mar 2015 BP 11
January 18th – Kaipher waiting patiently in our hotel lobby for our ride to Haneda airport. After months of cutting massive amounts of “immigration-red-tape”, we had our embassy interview on January 15th, and my baby boy became a U.S. Citizen upon entry, and of all places, that was in Toronto, Canada!
Soot Gremlins Society 6
We watched “My Neighbor Totoro” countless times while living in the hotel, and Kaipher requested a “soot gremlin” drawing. I was able to keep my Society 6 shop up and running during our huge transition, and this print is available there now! Click here: “Soot Gremlins”
After arriving in Birmingham, AL, we spent two days unpacking and settling in, then we had to get out. Our first outing was to the Birmingham Zoo. Kaipher was obviously thrilled after days of packing, traveling, and unpacking. And big surprise, the flamingos were my favorite.
Mar 2015 BP 09
Mar 2015 BP 08
Mar 2015 BP 10
Mar 2015 BP 07
Settling into our new home and enjoying our obligatory “seasonal tree”, along with a cozy fire, adult beverages, and some mind stimulating board games.
Mar 2015 BP 06
Happy Place Society 6
Here’s another new print in my Society 6 shop!
IMG_2265 with filters
The nature trails in Mountain Brook are beautiful! We are loving our new neighborhood!
We also celebrated Kaipher’s 4th birthday in February! While we are missing Japan so very much, we are thrilled by this new chapter/adventure.
Mar 2015 BP 04
Mar 2015 BP 03
Mar 2015 BP 02
Mar 2015 BP 01
Happy Birthday to my heart, my love, my baby boy, my little man!!!

Credits ~ Photography by: Nathan Black, and Taren S. Black