The Kuro Clan “Hisashiburi/Long Time No See”

Hi again! Man oh man, what a year 2015 was. Just a quick recap! We moved from Japan to the United States after being in Japan for almost 7 years. From Tokyo to Alabama…hello reverse culture shock, haha! Our son immigrated into the U.S. and now has duel citizenship…pretty awesome, but an incredibly grueling and frustrating process. My husband started a new job, well, I should say, “we started a new job” since we truly strive to approach life as a team. And in fall 2015,  we closed on a house and Kaipher started preschool on the SAME DAY! Needless to say, I’m thankful to finally feel settled after a very busy year.
Our little man’s first day of school. Can you tell he’s excited?? haha:)
The teachers asked that each child bring in a project sharing their favorite color, food, book, interests, and toys. Kaipher’s project was covered in the color blue, corn and onigiri, Obake Densha (Ghost Train), space and astronauts, and space-themed Legos. My heart beams with pride!
Our sweet, little home! It’s a work in progress…built in 1945, it is quaint, cozy, and an all around classic with a white picket fence(?!) Geez…feeling blessed! (Interior pictures to come!). Every one of our rentals in Japan was even smaller, so we don’t mind the size at all. And OH MY GOSH, central heat and air! (Can I get a hallelujah!?) My fellow Japan dwellers understand how lovely central heat and air is, especially during these winter months. Plus, having the ability to walk to Kaipher’s school, shops, restaurants, the library, and the park make the location perfect for us!
Ok, just a few “holiday photos”!
Kaipher trying to copy his cousin Karys at the Black family thanksgiving event. ❤
My little space lover’s ornament this year, marking his love for space and his move to the U.S. 🙂
Sibling love! Our first Thanksgiving & Christmas back in America since 2010. It was pretty special. haha:)

Ok, moving on! I had the pleasure of creating a commissioned piece for a local business here in Birmingham. After visiting the Wheelhouse Salon, I was happy to create a piece to honor the establishment’s 2 year old birthday. Such a cool place! If you’re a “Bham local” I highly recommend visiting the Wheelhouse Salon!
Wheelhouse Tools of Trade 5x7
And now, a skip, leap, and a jump on to Valentine’s Day!
Our living room on the morning of Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Lots of love to hand out!
Sushi take-out on Valentine’s Day for me and my boys. And now, some new goodies in our shop!
Introducing our “Always Hungry for More” enamel pin!
Available with a silver metal finish
And a black metal finish

Hope this year is treating you well so far! (^_^)/


Credits ~ Photography by: Denise Schepper & Taren S. Black