A Look Back – “October Occasions”

The month of November has been crazy busy for us as we prepare to move stateside in December. My studio is all packed up, my art prints have been shipped to Florida, and we are starting to count down our final days here in Japan (Boo Hoo!!!!!). I say, “final”, but we are soooo open to living here again one-day. We’ll see what the future holds for us and Japan. 🙂 Here are some fun moments from our October!
I went as Jessica Day, “It’s Jess!”, from the tv show “New Girl” for Halloween 2014
My boys hit up the “trick or treat” scene as ninjas!
Lovers of the Night3
Halloweeny doodles & Fall Festival fun!
A new textile design inspired by Kaipher’s fascination with the neighborhood summer spiders. Now that it has gotten cold, we don’t see the spiders on our evening strolls anymore.
Summer Spiders
Jack-o-lantern fun!
Blog 01
Missing these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today!
I hope everyone is having a lovely fall season & wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!


Credits ~ Photography: Nathan Black, Taren S. Black & Eric Boerm of Boermania Designs

Around Town Ep. 2 “Flow Magazine in Tokyo!”

I was so thrilled to find out that the lovely ladies from Flow Magazine were coming to Tokyo, and having an event at the Daikan-Yama Tsutaya Bookstore! I found out about Flow Magazine when they contacted me and asked to feature one of my art prints in their upcoming “Book For Paper Lovers” issue. I was so humbled and thrilled by the offer! Meeting the creators in person was a great experience! I highly recommend Flow Magazine to all creative minds and anyone looking for a way to slow down and appreciate the little pleasures in life. 🙂 Below are some pictures from the event!
Blog 07
Blog 04
Blog 01
Blog 02
With the creators of Flow Magazine, Astrid and Irene, and my art feature in their upcoming “Book For Paper Lovers”!
Blog 03
Blog 05
Blog 06
Making new friends with fellow creative minds!
Blog 08
My beautiful goodies from the event!!! Now to pour myself a cup of hot tea and cuddle up with my new magazines! Get your copy of “Flow Magazine” or the “Book For Paper Lovers” here: www.flowmagazine.com

Credits ~ Photography by: Taren S. Black & Annie Boerm of Boermania Designs