Taren Shops Tokyo – “Tachikawa District Ep. 01”

“Taren Shops Tokyo” is my new side project where I buy things I love here in Japan, and share them with whomever wants a piece of Tokyo in their home. Check out some of the goodies I found in the Tachikawa District this week!
blog pic 1
Item: TST-01 / Description: Set of 5 Chopsticks / Price: $8 / Shipping: Stateside $2, Everywhere Else $5 / Availability: 2 sets of 5. *Sets Sold Separately.
blog pic 2
Item: TST-02 / Description: Small Blue Bowl, Made In Japan / Price: $8 / Shipping: Stateside $4, Everywhere Else $6 / Availability: 4 Bowls. *Bowls Sold Separately.

Here’s how it works:
1. See something you love & just have to have?
2. Leave your PayPal email address in the comment section below along with the item’s code (Item codes and USD prices are listed below each photo. All comments are moderated to avoid spam, however, we receive each comment with a time/date stamp, so comments will appear in the order that they are received).
3. Receive invoice via PayPal, and pay within 24hrs to secure your purchase. If payment is not received within 24hrs, the product will pass to the next buyer (If someone beat you to your desired item, please feel free to comment with “me next! (PayPal email)” to secure the next place in line).
4. Wait excitedly for your product to be shipped within 1-3 business days after payment is processed. You will receive an email confirmation from me when your item has been shipped.
Item: TST-03 / Description: Small Floral Make-Up Bag, With Blue Plastic Lining / Price: $8 / Shipping: Stateside $2, Everywhere Else $5 / Availability: 2 Bags. *Bags Sold Separately.
BLK_0772 blog pic04
Item: TST-04 / Description: Small Light Green Bowls, Made In Japan / Price: $5 / Shipping: Stateside $3, Everywhere Else $6 / Availability: 4 Bowls. *Bowls Sold Separately.

After living in Japan for 6 years (September 17th is our Japaniversary! 🙂 It’s freaky how time flies by), and having multiple friends and family members visit, I’ve always noticed how excited they get about shopping in Tokyo. My goal for “Taren Shops Tokyo” is to simply find things I love here in Japan and share them with international shoppers that do not have access to the products. I’m even open for requests (stationery, stickers, washi tape, tea pots, etc….send me your Tokyo dream items). For more details on products you are interested in, please feel free to send me your questions via the Contact Page on our website www.osloandalfred.com/contact. Also, if you’d like to purchase multiple items, we can customize your shipping expenses, just let us know!

Thanks for checking out “Taren Shops Tokyo”!!! Have a great weekend! 🙂

***ALL “TAREN SHOPS TOKYO” PRODUCTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE***. Disclaimer: The products I’m selling via “Taren Shops Tokyo” are not my own designs, therefore I cannot provide a guarantee for the buyer’s 100% satisfaction. What I can provide is a thorough description of the item(s), supporting photos, and knowledge of the item being in full working condition when it leaves Japan.

Credits ~ Photography by: Taren S. Black / Written by: Nathan Black & Taren S. Black

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