O&A Everyday – “www.osloandalfred.com Launch Party!!!”

We are excited to announce our new website, www.osloandalfred.com
O&A Launch Party Invite
Sagaminono close up
Headband 19
Oct 2013 pic
The photos above feature some of the products you can find in our shop. We hope you’ll check out the new website, if you have time. During the launch party we’ll have freebie items with each purchase and a giveaway that will be announced on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. For each item a customer purchases they will receive an entry for Tuesday’s giveaway package. Good luck, and thank you for your support! We are excited to see our little business slowly grow. 🙂

Credits ~ Invite Designed By: Taren S. Black / Photography By: Nathan Black and Taren S. Black

2 thoughts on “O&A Everyday – “www.osloandalfred.com Launch Party!!!”

  1. Hey! 🙂 I ordered a little Kuro Cloth in the yellow umbrella print. I saw on Facebook that I also get a free headband with it. I was wondering if the headband will just come in the same print as the kuro cloth, or if I have the option of a different print.

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