O&A Everyday – “www.osloandalfred.com Launch Party!!!”

We are excited to announce our new website, www.osloandalfred.com
O&A Launch Party Invite
Sagaminono close up
Headband 19
Oct 2013 pic
The photos above feature some of the products you can find in our shop. We hope you’ll check out the new website, if you have time. During the launch party we’ll have freebie items with each purchase and a giveaway that will be announced on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. For each item a customer purchases they will receive an entry for Tuesday’s giveaway package. Good luck, and thank you for your support! We are excited to see our little business slowly grow. 🙂

Credits ~ Invite Designed By: Taren S. Black / Photography By: Nathan Black and Taren S. Black

O&A Everyday – “Little Kuro Cloth”

Hi everyone! We have been super busy preparing to launch our new website. We are also actively adding new products to our line-up. Check out this promo video for our new, “Little Kuro Cloth”!!!

We were inspired to create the “Little Kuro Cloth” after learning more about Japanese furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth). The art of folding & tying fabric to wrap gifts and carry goods is noted as being a part of the Japanese history since the Nara Period (AD 710-794). Now, in modern times, leaders in Japan have encouraged the public to use furoshiki as a more eco-friendly choice in place of plastic bags, paper bags, and wrapping paper. Our hope is that our Little Kuro Cloths can provide a fashionable, earth friendly, and versatile way for people to carry goods and wrap gifts.
LKC collage
LKC Lover's Sky 4
LKC Shoot 1
LKC Yellow Umbrella 3LKC Lover's Sky 6
We named our furoshiki designs, “Little Kuro Cloth” after the classic term, “Little Black Dress”. In our opinion, everyone needs a unique and eco-friendly way to carry their belongings and wrap memorable gifts. We hope that our new designs encourage you to try the “art of furoshiki”. Shop now at: www.osloandalfred.com

Credits ~ Original Music By: Nathan Black / Video and Photography Captured By: Taren S. Black / Video Edited By: Taren S. Black / Products Modeled By: My dear friend, Parisa, and Chie of www.vivatveritas.com