O&A Everyday – “New Headbands!”

We have decided to dive into the world of textile and fabric design, and our first product being
offered is our Oslo and Alfred Headbands! Below are some photos featuring our latest textile designs.
Headband 06
Headband 03
Headband 07
Headband 01
Headband 11
Headband 12
You can find the Oslo and Alfred Headbands featured above (Madeleine’s Poppies and
The Yellow Umbrella) now in our Etsy Shop!

We also made some time this weekend to play around with A Beautiful Mess’s new app, Party Party!
Here are some of our favorite shots. 🙂

Now to enjoy our rainy Sunday afternoon! Happy Weekend, Everyone!!!

Credits ~ Photography by: Nathan Black & Taren S. Black

6 thoughts on “O&A Everyday – “New Headbands!”

    • Hey Chie! Thank you so much!!! ❤ Yes, we are loving the Party Party app. It makes either Photo Booth style pictures or little video captures. So, it's quite different from their original app. We've had fun playing around with it. 🙂

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